Comment: We don't spank

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We don't spank

but I don't see it as a libertarian issue, maybe it is...I just don't look at it that way.

I wasn't spanked as a child and my wife was only a few times. But those few times that she was she said she felt it hurt her personally. She was a thoughtful child to begin with and did not feel it was ever justified.

It's kind of a matter of respect in my eyes. I respect them enough as people not to ever cause mental or physical pain. I would never want anyone to do such a thing to me. Our children are very well behaved and very successful and happy. However, we do punish when needed. I don't believe the home is a democracy or even a republic. It's simply not. It's plainly a dictatorship. Children are children and aren't to be treated as sovereign adults until they actually are adults. When they come of age and move out of our house, then they will be their own people free to do as they wish. Clearly they do have freedoms within our household but any of those within reason can be revoked at anytime for not following the rules.

It works for us. I don't claim to speak for those who have children of different personalities or family dynamics. But, we never have and never will spank.