Comment: Yeah, this is about 40 miles from me.

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Yeah, this is about 40 miles from me.

My sister in law is from Halfway, her maiden name is "Gover." They quote a woman named Gover who is almost certainly related to her.
These are my neighbors, my family, and when I posted a thread here I portrayed the TERROR these people experienced: "Hooded men open fire on Oregon teachers meeting." I don't know if it is Nystrom or a moderator, but they put "blank" in the headline against my direct objection.
Watering down the news on the dailypaul is a new low. Yes, they were blanks and the hooded men were cops. THE PEOPLE GETTING SHOT AT DID NOT KNOW THAT.
It was a top story, no one complained that I was "misleading" them - the full story was linked. I am livid about what happened, and disgusted by about having a story altered and MY NAME LEFT ON IT. If you don't like my title, delete the post or ask me to change it, but to change shit and leave my name on it is BULLSHIT.
This TERRORIST ATTACK on my neighbors is BULLSHIT.

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