Comment: From a true Christian perspecive.

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From a true Christian perspecive.

If someone broke into my house and started beating and raping my daughter/wife/son I would not hesitate to kill them. I have a Scriptural right and obligation to defend myself and my family against evil.

Just because it seems that so many people get killed for the wrong reasons doesn't mean that there is no reason to kill. Scripture is clear that "There is a Time to Kill". And the verse that says "He who lives by the sword will die by the sword" is misinterpreted as meaning you should not kill but that is not what it is saying.

We are not better than GOD or His son Yahshua and I get the feeling they do not like it when people try to out-righteous them. Most Christians continue to spout the feel good mantra that you need to forgive everyone and hate the sin but love the sinner but that is a LIE. Scripture is clear that GOD hates certain people and that you only need to forgive those who are repentant of their trespass.

Unquestionable forgiveness is a doctrine made up by sinners who think that if they forgive without repentance then they will be forgiven without repentance. "There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."