Comment: It won't unravel.

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It won't unravel.

Reality has become so sickening that people simply cannot process it. Those of us who would never do anything so vicious, so cruel, so inhuman, our kind hearts are our weak spot. We cannot believe in conspiracies among people who murder for profit, exploit others for entertainment, who treat life with disdain. We can, in small doses, believe they are real, but the big picture is pretty big, and ugly, and it's got fangs and teeth and bad breath. Very few of us can believe that people like US would let people like THEM hold the reins of power. But then... Who else would hold them? Will humble, kind hearted people ever win an ELECTION?
Most of us keep at least a portion of the lie wrapped around our eyes, just enough to blind us to our complicity.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.