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Comment: YOU ARE AN ANARCHIST FRAUD, and I told ya you couldn't defend it

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YOU ARE AN ANARCHIST FRAUD, and I told ya you couldn't defend it

"In any case, you admit that you endorse collectivism too, so does that make us both frauds?"

You claim collectivism to be your enemy, yet you ARE a collectivist. You just want to destroy something you don't have the right to or the means to destroy. I have no problem forming a collective, defending liberty, or using collective force against Anarchists.

-Freedom, liberty, and their common defense.

"I am willing to pay for my own justice"

You don't get to take anybodies liberty Anarchist, and when you try, you will face justice.

What do you think you're going to do Anarchist? Overthrow my Constitutional Republic and create a new government? Are you going to start arresting people, taking their liberty and letting a jury of their peers judge them? No... Do you think you're going to rule people with your privately funded goon squads in a free market of violence?

Screw you Anarchist. I will kill you and your little Anarchist goons when you try. You want to declare war?


You want to be a free range warlord operating in a free market of collective violence replacing government with your wallet: SO DO IT warlord wannabe. Just remember, should you ever pick up a gun and try, you will face justice.

"I don't have a "share" in your theft"

That's right: GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN ANARCHIST. Don't try and opt out; GET OUT!

That's the gist of Anarchism, voluntary association. LEAVE BEFORE YOU FACE JUSTICE. You can either pay your taxes or leave, but living like a POS freeloader running your Anarchist mouth is not an option. It's unjust to let you live like a freeloader while others pay to protect your liberty.

"It's not a system of enslavement, so you might not like it, but it is definitely a solution."

You're offering NOTHING remember? Anarchism isn't a system. Taxes aren't enslavement. You get compensation for your taxes, and that's what makes you a freeloading POS Anarchist. You had the chance to win the debate, to run for office, and to vote. You failed. I told you Anarchists winning the debate was your only hope, but you can't, because you offer nothing but slogans and drivel.

"Are you going to try to hurt me?"

If need be. If you've chosen to live like a POS freeloader and want to destroy my country, you will face justice.

"You don't own me."

I never said I own you, but should you face justice, I will. Do you know we can arrest Anarchists for tax evasion and turn you into slaves? We WILL own you and your labor, and it will totally legal.

13th Amendment

1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Pay special attention to that part about being duly convicted of a crime within my jurisdiction; the United States.

I have a country, the United States of America, and you don't Anarchist. You want to destroy, to break my country, and buy collective force in a free market of violence, and somehow you need to pretend to do that without promoting aggression or collectivism.