Comment: So we're supposed to report

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So we're supposed to report

So we're supposed to report suspicious threats and "insane" activity so that our SS can go arrest the perps for "pre-crime?"

Great. I have a report to file:

The US government seems to be acting very oddly of late. Frankly im getting a little nervous. They're spending ridiculous amounts of money they don't even have, stockpiling weapons as if they were preparing for some unknown violence. While its unclear who they mean to use these weapons on, its noteworthy that they are attempting to disarm the civilians of America fevorishly.

This in combination with financial tendacies which can only be described as "completely insane," and a weird set of radicle doctrines they follow called "the UN Treaty" is a recipe for danger.

I suspect heavily that the US government is a terrorist organization, perhaps funded and controlled by an even greater terrorist organization in the banking sector.

Dear Sheriff, please go arrest these perpetrators for "pre-crime" at once in order to save lives and keep voilence and crime off our streets. They are showing a clear pattern of unstable behavior that is almost certainly going to result in a mass-shooting/imprisoning event in the near-future if not delt with in advance.

Thank you.