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Vantage point is of a guy who

Vantage point is of a guy who successfully raised money for his own business as well as for others. Also as someone who has been selling off land to property developers (over here encroachment is a big problem unless you have time to devote to it, so have been forced to do so).

Its hearsay, I'm afraid, though the traditional stockpiling of gold in the form of jewellery is something you can easily look up.

The flow of money I don't know if I can document so well. Because of the strong family structures here, a lot of the money is provided by private backers through undocumented short term debt.

I have a friend in law school who has a small start up registering companies for engineering students and filing for patents and what I heard from him confirmed that there is a lot of investment for new companies especially tech start ups. Again hearsay but I'm sure it will reflect in figures that come out at the end of the fiscal year.