Comment: Should have stopped...

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Should have stopped...

"Jesus didn't live...."

You should have stopped there until you can provide some evidence to the contrary. To date, none has been made available just as there has been no evidence that there are alien creatures living on the moon.

Feel free to believe anything you want, but bringing kooky ideas to this forum harms the liberty movement.

How would you like it if people posted that Obama was a reptilian posing as a human and periodically visits Neptune, his birth place? Are you capable of understanding how you taint the liberty movement by posting ridiculous, unsubstantiated BS?

Feel free to worship Michael Jackson, Sponge Bob or Carrot Top. I don't really care but please keep your harmful delusions to yourself and not work to tirelessly to undermine the efforts of those of us who have worked so long to try to defeat the war-mongers and worshipers of big government.

I wish that the DP had a section dedicated to people who wish to go on and on about things for which there is zero evidence and forbid the mentioning of any religious crap in any of the other sections of the DP. That way, the delusional talking ass folks could have a place to discuss how many fairies can dance on the head of a pin and other irrelevant BS.