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WHO are you? WHERE have you been all these years?

Are you an 'operative' from Cass Sunstein's camp, or are you just really out to lunch? Because someone who has been a STAUNCH SUPPORTER of Dr. Paul would know about "conspiracy theories", liars, and cheats.

Dr. Paul was lied about on MAINSTREAM MEDIA, CHEATED by the arbitrary dictators at the National GOP, and certainly pummelled every which way till Sunday to destroy any & all chance of him being elected as our President. THAT's NOT a CONSPIRACY?

My friend, there are many, many conspiracies in life. It is ONLY BIG MEDIA that want to "label" anybody a "conspiracy theorist", because they have a LOT to hide, and a LOT cover up. Fast & Furious is just ONE example. There are many, many examples. You, sir, are very naïve, for if those who aspire to power want something bad enough, they will conspire to get it.

How many people have we known in big Fortune 500 companies who conspire to get ahead of others by stepping on them, just so THEY can get their promotion. Sometimes they have the "help" of other co-workers. It happens, buddy, so stop being so naïve. If people didn't gravitate to the evil side of their nature, our Founding Fathers would NOT have had to include all of our Bill of Rights, the Right to freedom of speech, the Right to Bear Arms, the Right not to be searched and seized of our possessions, etc., etc.