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In a utopia!

Sad thing is, many people have no problem with it. If the abortion is going to be happening in back rooms, with no medical supervision, we will return to the stone ages. I wish it would become a situation where no abortions would be needed. (Utopia?) I see prohibition of it just like all others. The alternative is awful. I lived in a town where a doctor's daughter died from a botched abortion in the fifties! Unintended consequences are more damaging than therapeutic situations. I never performed or assisted in one. I could not. But, getting rid of them, 100% is a pipe dream. All we can do is give the young girls the information they need to prevent unintended pregnancies. Abstinence is good advice. But, they need to know about birth control, before they end up pregnant, terrified, not knowing what to do! Parents should be responsible, and know that their children have a free will and may need to be protected from themselves. They see themselves as invincible!

It would, also, be good to let women know that the majority of people do not think abortion should be a form of birth control. We also have to deal with the pregnancies that result from incest, rape, or are a threat to the mother's life. We also must consider what is the right thing to do in these cases.

It is a great wish! I, just, don't have enough confidence of the human condition that it would ever be a reality.