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OK, fair. I didn't help

OK, fair. I didn't help myself by mixing the abortion vs. pill issues. While I absolutely agree that less government involvement into the family is a good thing, I object to a seeming arbitrary involvement/non-involvement which attempts to inject a moral baseline into the family life. CPS will remove a child for seeming small issues but then allow a 14 year-old to take LITERALLY sickening chemicals or undergo a process that can permanently scar or even kill a person without a parents knowledge.

Said in another way, from a practical standpoint, the "taking their nose out of where it doesn't belong" is hypocritical when compared to the legal responsibility that parents supposedly have over an individual incapable of making rational decisions. It contradicts other positions the government holds and removes parents authority.(Perhaps the comparison of legalization vs. decriminalization is appropriate.) I find that where they are "taking their nose out from," will ultimately increase peoples dependency on the government.