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Comment: Gary Johnson could have been

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Gary Johnson could have been

Gary Johnson could have been a US Senator by now if he had taken my advice in December 2011. Instead of being used by people like Alan Colmes to divide "true libertarians" from "Republican libertarians", he could be leading the fight for liberty in the US Senate. Even now, as a Libertarian or independent candidate, he could start a campaign for the Senate in New Mexico for 2014.

Senator Tom Udall (NM) has been no friend of liberty or the Bill of Rights, so he would be vulnerable to Governor Johnson. No Republican of any stature is willing to challenge Udall next year - they think he's a "safe" bet for re-election - so why doesn't Gary run in a race he can win?

Yes, his better chance at this was in 2012, but we don't have a time machine to go back then. It's better to look for the best opportunity that exists now, if he wants to improve his chances at the presidency in the future. When 2016 comes around, Gary will have more chance of getting votes for president as a current Senator (and past Governor) than just someone who was Governor 13 years earlier.