Comment: I was spanked as a child

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I was spanked as a child

but rarely. I distinctly remember getting the first one at the age of three because my Mom had walked me across the street to play. I saw my Dad coming home from work and I got so excited I ran across the street without even looking. As soon as he got out of the car he picked me up carried me to the house and spanked the hell out of me. I never did that AGAIN.
Each of my three children got spanked only once for misbehaving in a public place...that's all it took. a trip out to the car, a spanking, a talk in the car and then a return to the public place. We traveled cross country on one vacation and had many compliments on our children's behavior from gift shop workers and waitresses. All it took was one spanking. After that all it took was "trip to the car?"

They all three got one spanking for going into the street and one spanking each for playing with the stove.

I asked them once if they thought we were too strict and all of them said they would raise their children the same way. Felt good.