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Oh noes!

I admit, I was confused too when I saw the new look. But I've been poking around, learning about the new changes, and it looks pretty cool.

Step 1) When you're confused or something is different, don't freak out.

Step 2) Read about what's going on. Michael's going on vacation. They've implemented some new site tools and things have changed.

Step 3) Poke around. Log into your account. Check out the customized front page option.

Step 4) Have that "holy crap" moment when you realize that you're now completely in charge of what you see from the front page of the DP. They've implemented a site aggregation tool that allows you to see what you want from practically the entire site with relative granular control. You can choose to just see posts that have been promoted by mods to the front page. Or you can pull info from the various forums and select what you want to see, contained within a measure of "popularity" that you set.