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Thank you for your time in placing your words for me

I just have to say in reply to:

"To not act out of a fear of sinning is to be selfishly considering YOUR needs and your value above that of your spouse and family. Are you modeling Christ's selfless example by selfishly standing by with your hands in your pockets refusing to get involved in a confrontation "lest you accidentally be getting involved tarnish your soul or your strict adherence to some set of ideals"."

I'll ask my husband...

The words you have written for me is the way I have always thought. The new things I have stumbled upon with the Amish way of thinking has caused me to rethink. However, I have not yet come to any conclusions.

That being said, When Jesus went to the garden, he asked if any had their swords...

I also have to think that in all of the examples in the New Testament, not once do I see an account of any Christians doing any killing.

I do remember the accounts of stonings and I do not remember anyone fighting in self defense. I cannot think of any actions of self-defense other than actions of non violent self-preservation.

I don't know the answers. But these people: have a different way of looking at self and or defense. There are many different accounts on that site. Even this one: "From the beginning of the movement, most Anabaptists did not question what Christ wanted them to do about war. They refused to fight. In 1530 Hans Herschberger, a young Swiss believer was called upon to defend his Protestant canton. Hans stoutly refused. "I would not fight against anyone, not even against the Turks," he declared. "

Jesus did not tell a story about a Good Smaritan killing robbers.

Perhaps one who trusts God leaves the answer of life or death in the Capable Hand of God? It seems there is more than one way to answer that question.