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I would submit that Sibel Edmonds is One of the most bravest women alive, period..

she literally knows ALL their dirty laundry:

Here's where it gets interesting for us, as R3VOL: the lawyer FOR the CIA-neoCon Turkish group that she's been in a legal bind against, is none other than Dr. Paul's former POTUS campaign senior legal advisor: Atty. Bruce Fein!!!

Brad Friedman's a liberal; though kinda anti-gun, he's one of the better ones on other core civil liberties issues and has been in Sibel's corner for a long time, covering this issue:

besides, while misguided on guns, Brad's even friendly toward the creator of our R3VOLution logo, AnCap and long time libertarian activist, Ernie Hancock: So he can't be all that bad. plus he's the de facto expert on everything and anything blackbox voting con, ie. Diebold/ESS/Sequoia. so, I'd consider him an ally, more than your typical run of the mill 'liberal' activists.

Now, even with Fein's ties to the neoCon AEI/Heritage and his wife in deep 'let Israel bomb Iran or do whatever it thinks it needs to do'-Likudnik AIPAC circles, that is not to say that Fein is necessarily 'evil,' per-se; having observed him over time, I'd posit that he's most plausibly, simply a legal mercenary.

Well, he is a blood-sucking lawyer after all. LOL

Hey, even bad guys need defenders, if we are to remotely even have a semblance of a 'lawful society' (yes, of course, we're not, but for the sake of discussion, go with me here. LOL). Same reason why I NEVER fault Judy Clarke for taking on the most highest profile cases that most would flee from; her cases take a specific breed of human souls to defend the 'indefensible.' Human society DO NEED people like her, if we are to keep it honest, in the truest of sense. Though, granted, she's usually afforded to the defendants by the State, as a public defender. Which is why Fein falls into a pure mercenary category, IMO.

That said, Lew Rockwell keep it interesting, in that he is DEFINITELY a supporter of Sibel's, as you can tell from all their past interviews together. Yet, Bruce Fein as a long term acquaintance within Dr. Paul's circles, while not a 'friend' friend to Fein, Lew knows of him enough to invite him a few times to his podcast, and a few liberty events.

That's sad to me, because I would SOOOOOO love both Sibel and Fein to be with us, on good terms, and with each other. But seeing as how he's the opposition's high-paid DC lawyer AGAINST Sibel, throughout her entire ordeal, of course, no one can blame her. Which is why she could never fully get on board with RP2012. Seriously, who can expect her to come on board when the candidate that you want to support hires the man who is literally making her life a legal hell??

but the Good Doc has like some effortless magical ability to keep all of us diverse bunch, even within the liberty circles together. that said, I haven't seen Bruce Fein around the Doc's post-Congress activities, lately. So perhaps Doc is evolving his views on Fein, too. this stage and age, I doubt it. Still....Fein probably got just too expensive for him. LOL.

Either way, aside from his Constitutional advocacy, I can't say I'm a "fan" of Fein in the same way that I'm a FAN of, respect, and utterly intellectually ADORE the likes of Lew, Woods, et al.

c'est la vie, eh? dang, why can't the world be purrrfect?? .o(

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na it's all good, I've been cross posting it; as long as some get to find it, alles gut fur mich!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul