Comment: Sibel Edmonds, really?! (trolls, down vote.)

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Sibel Edmonds, really?! (trolls, down vote.)

I'd like to support her, but I just can't.

Part of me wants to say, "hey, she's an attractive, well spoken young lady who knows a lot about a lot of important things." While the more dominant part of me says, "hey, remember watching her 2009 deposition?! yeah. she's a liar. don't trust her."

I recommend you watch Sibel's deposition and that you pay close attention to her mannerisms. Watch in its entirety, and watch neutrally.

A person who says some truth, who also mixes with some lies or a lot of lies, isn't a person I trust (no matter how "good" they appear.)

My advice: Use caution regarding who you trust, that includes Sibel.

Nose scratching/rubbing; face mannerisms, face "fixing"/primping; saying things that aren't corroborated and independently verifiable (ie. "insider info/trust me"); having to look to her "handler" for permission to answer; darting eyes; posture.

She's lying, while also saying some truth. But she's lying and a liar.