Comment: I spank my kids...

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I spank my kids... I don't have to. I have 8 homeschooled children, ranging from 14 to 3 months. We discipline them hard, and love them even harder. It's the 2 to 4 year olds that tend to get spanked. After they've been properly trained they just don't need it anymore. It's also not my choice whether they get spanked or not. It's their choice. Spanking is a consequence to certain well defined behaviors that they know well. If you touch a stove, you know you are going to get burned. In my family, if you throw a fit you know you are going to get spanked.

Our older children see the wisdom in our system everytime we go out in public and they see parents with out of control children. They understand that discipline is love, and that sometimes a little painful correction is good for you. When we see a kid having a meltdown in public, I'll ask my kids, "what is that parent doing wrong". Inevitably the answer, which they know well, is that the parent is rewarding bad behavior. Bad behavior NEVER gets rewarded in our house. Bad behavior always has a bad consequence that follows. Sometimes it's verbal, sometimes it losing something that was previously earned, sometimes its significant time in the corner, and sometimes it's a sore ass. Most importantly, it's always preceeded by reason and explanation, and always followed by an increase of love afterwards.