Comment: You remind me kind of myself, circa 2004.

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You remind me kind of myself, circa 2004.

Very confrontational, and paranoid sounding. You'll grow out of it, significantly so when you 'Ron Paul' yourself and see that the Peaceful way gets the best results.

When was it that you posted at the DailyPaul that you'd "woken up," inparticularly, regarding 9/11 conspiracy, mid-2012? I don't feel like searching through your comments, but I am going to say mid-2012.

I am YEARS ahead of you. Years. Literally and figuratively.

The problem with saying I have to "face the effing evidence," is that I have been actively paying attention to these subjects since May 2003. You? Mid-2012. That's almost 10 YEARS your senior.

For the most part, I like you. But when you act on emotion, I feel a kind of quasi-deja vu from ~2003-2004. It's funny, and I say that without insult. Just some ironic feeling.

I don't work for any government agency or any government for that matter. That includes intel, counterintel, fusion center, "independent contractor," etc.

I also usually sleep good most nights, although sometimes when I have to work early the next day, I have difficulty falling asleep.

You want to trust Sibel? Okay. I am literally almost 10 years ahead of you. I don't trust Sibel.

Watch her deposition, neutrally. In its entirety.