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Catholic Spinner here

From approximately 1991 to 1995 the Grateful Dead, an American rock band, had a very small percentage of fans who termed themselves as "spinners", who would spin similar to dervish spinning to the band's music.

When I could no longer surf, I turned to spinning with the Dead and people asked me frequently if I was a sufi. The poem says it all

Water that's poured inside will sink the boat While water underneath keeps it afloat. Driving wealth from his heart to keep it pure King Solomon preferred the title 'Poor': That sealed jar in the stormy sea out there Floats on the waves because it's full of air, When you've the air of dervishood inside You'll float above the world and there abide...

Jerry Garcia passed away on 1995 and now there's just remnants, especially NorCal and why I;m here