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bother trying to educate anyone over there, they deleted 3 of my comments already. Was trying to explain that dwi "driving while intoxicated" is now dui or dwai since they have lowered the limits to where you are no longer intoxicated and in some cases like Florida .02 can get you arrested if you're younger. .02 in some rare cases is 1 beer, effectively a total ban. If they want to ban drinking, then do it and declare it! Don't keep changing the definition and lowering the limit sneakily. Just come out and ban it so we can have the final discussion on it. Just shows what some angry and ignorant mothers can do when they have nothing constructive to spend their time on. Now we have illegal precrime checkpoints which are just there to fill the pockets of the local uniformed drunk drivers and their drunken legislators. True crime is has a victim. Under this type of thinking anything can be banned in the name of preventing something but emotional statists have zero critical thinking skills.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,