Comment: REAL ID has been renamed to PASS ID

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REAL ID has been renamed to PASS ID

PASS ID was rammed through many of the states that opposed REAL ID several years ago. passed under the dark of night as the watered down renamed version of REAL ID.

I was the only one who made noise about this in my state before it passed.

If you are required to bring copies of utility bills, certified birth certificate and a long list of other formalities to renew your drivers license...chances are your state adopted this. Most states adopted because the fed mandated citizens had to have this to board an airplane.

PASS ID is not a national ID card ....we've had that for 30 years now.
how do you think cops can pull up FTA warrants from other states when they stop you ?

PASS ID is a cross border....."international" ID card. even though most people don't know it yet.


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