Comment: Even non-organic e-liquids use VG as opposed to PG.

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Even non-organic e-liquids use VG as opposed to PG.

South Beach Smoke, GreenSmoke, nJoy, and plenty of other major providers that don't use organic still use vegetable glycol as opposed to propylene. In fact, most eCig companies are slowly phasing out PG altogether.

As someone who's done it all, from smoking packs of the grossest stuff out there to rolling my own using organic import to vaping PG, VG, and organic, I can tell you that you're fooling yourself if you think that "organic" tobacco is more safe than ANY form of nicotine vapor. The carcinogenic effects are not even comparable. For hundreds of years, ALL tobacco was organically grown, and it was in this era that the Surgeon General's Warning first appeared.

There are forms of vaping that are safer than others, but NO form of tobacco is as safe as vaping.

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