Comment: It's not always legal to spank

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It's not always legal to spank

and where it's illegal it becomes risky, as the police state can crack down with overwhelming force.

Plus I think it's a lazy tactic that often bleeds into pure cruelty and heartlessness.

I don't mean to judge everyone who spanks; I know good people who spank and who were spanked. It's just not my preferred way of dealing with problems. To a certain extent, my children are disciplined haphazardly: "go to your room" is the most common punishment. Still, people do compliment my children on their manners and good behaviour. I'm pretty sure they are like that because their parents are generally polite, restrained, and we simply get along well with our children. The Libertarian principle at work here is, you (children and parents) can do what you want as long as it doesn't bother others in the house. If it does bother others, there are more or less obvious consequences. The children may get sent to their room for an outburst; if the parents have an outburst the effects of that may be delayed a bit, as it may take a while for the bad example they just set to bear fruit.