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Its also not my hand, my foot

my leg, my chest, my brain, my liver, my kidney and on and on.

Yet it IS my responsibility.

You sound like that nut job on MSNBC telling us our children our not ours - they belong to the collective.

And you jump to conclusions - I never said anything about corrective action. perhaps the point you miss is that now a child needs NO parental advise at all to make what is a monumental life decision. You assume the parental advise would be to NOT use the morning after pill.

Maybe what you miss is the prudence a parent could provide in not only advising TO take the pill, but to only do so after meeting with the child's doctor to discuss possible issues, possibly even to get blood work done for an STD(as all sexually active people should). Then maybe having a long sit down with the child and boyfriend(perhaps even with the boyfriends parents)

You see, maybe instead of letting little girls run around like wild children screaming "its my vagina I can use it how I want" we could use a bad experience to teach them responsibility and proper behavior. That may actually lead to a healthy, normal life.