Comment: I love that you think I'm a statist.

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I love that you think I'm a statist.

"What is a government worshiping statest(lol) like you doing here anyway?"

I love the fact that you think I'm a statist. It just reinforces that Anarchists don't even know what statism is (or how to spell statist).

"Do you have nothing better to do with your collectivist existance(lol) than to mope around and down vote and go after anyone who doesn't like governments? "

So is the Daily Paul officially nothing but an Anarchist echo chamber? Are we dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America, or are we a bunch of Anarchist garbage dedicated to wiping our ass with the Constitution and destroying the United states of America?

"Your entire concept of "evil" seems to revolve around those who don't feel they need "rulers," and "rudeness."

It's NOT about rulers Anarchist. It's about justice. It's NOT rulers you fear, it's justice you fear. It will find you Anarchist.

"Go away"

Make me you pathetic little wannabe sovereign ruler.