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Comment: Snakes are now technoligically advanced?

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Snakes are now technoligically advanced?

Maybe Texas and the USA need a wake up call? Or maybe this is one reason Ron and Rand call Israel a friend? Could one of thsoe desalnation plants wind up in Galveston? Is having potable water important to people? If Israel has the techonology and Texas needs it, what's the problem?

TRADE? Suddenly trade is BAD? Or is it jjust that Israel is advancing and surpassing the USA in science and technology, which we are dependent?

This article writes as if Israel was forcing desalination plants on Texas.

If I was Perry, I would have a competitiion from the univerciies in Texas to design a water desalination system.. but as it is.. Texas is seeking bids for water desalination to supply a demand for potable water and Israel is the tops... to me, this is no different that CA passing trucking to Mexico, or having companies from Asia jobbing out engineering, construction, food industry..

Articles like this, and the other one about protesting Monsanto.. it's appearing to me that Israel and American companies, "friends, because we work together, warts and all, we are not at war.. and people are not seeing this global war clearing.. especially Americans who are focusing on what is comfortable based on emotional responses.

Maybe those who oppose Israel's technology, engineering, design would prefer China's? If American can't// if Texas can't.. and there is a demand for water.. who?