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I'm sorry to hear about your father

My father died in 2005. It is a painful, transformative experience. Before he passed away, I told him that when he makes it to the other side, please try to send a message back. But of course, don't put yourself in any danger in the trying... I wouldn't want him to get stuck here as a ghost, wandering around between worlds.

After several years, I hadn't seen or heard anything. I shared this with my friend Renato, the best friend I made from the Ron Paul experience. I told him I hadn't heard back and he said, "You're not looking hard enough."

So I changed the frequency and started looking for more subtle signs. And then I realized he was everywhere. Every once in a while he pops up in the strangest of places, just to say hi. He was always a jokester like that. I still feel enveloped by his love.

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Thank you for sharing. I love this movie too. I have wanted to share this clip for a long time.

It is easier, as I decompress and get ready to leave for vacation, to see the bigger picture. My wish is that I can hold this vision, and this higher vibration when I return.

He's the man.