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Right on bear.

It brings to mind what we discussed before. The question we need to really ask ourselves is: "Are we doing the will of our Father or are we doing what we "think" is the will of our Father?"

I only bring this back up because the Scripture you quoted is very powerful and telling. Those people who come to Him saying Lord, Lord are people who honestly think they are serving him. They have done all these "good deeds" yet He still tells them that He doesn't know them. I believe it is because they do the will of their heart or the "church" but not what Scripture teaches. Christianity has become a mishmash of paganism and self determined righteousness.

When he looks down on Christianity does He see us honoring Him by keeping His Commanded Sabbath or is Christianity honoring the suns day instead? Do we memorialize His Passover sacrifice or the Easter goddess of fertility? Do we delight in the Saturnalia/Christmas gift giving or do we enjoy His prophetic Feast of Tabernacles?

We are being called out of those paganistic Babylonian hodgepodge ways of worship and understanding, especially in these end times.

Peace to you and blessings in Yahshua.