Comment: Thank you (((((fishy))))) I know you have a good heart too

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Thank you (((((fishy))))) I know you have a good heart too

No one is selling me anything.. How does building a water desalination plant control the water for the demand in Texas?

To me, Monsanto is a red herring.. just like Israel.. Codex Alimentarius (food code for the U.N. Agenda 21, which is working to transform nations into corporations (leave every individual behind).

I did not say this was FREE trade. The only free trade I recognize is the black market. This is trade, not force.. the force is coming from the UN Agenda, who has two huge problems.. Israel and Monopolies like Monsanto, which they want to own.

I still don't understand, why Mendocino county can PROVE that we can stop GMO (ALL GMO, not just Monsanto) from being grown in our county.. why can't others? Maybe we really don't want GMO and other want FORCE to work for them rather than do it themselves? What?