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so much for your promise

not to post any more. man of your word, not.

to illustrate the silliness this has generated into, a while back
musician..and h and i decided that we were not all that far apart,
as far as this: we both ate lots of vegetables and fruit. i eat wild
salmon once in a while; non factory meat is more part of his plan. no grains for him.
some grains for me. and we agreed that not one
plan is for everybody. but now because he is caught again
name calling, i'm suddenly a fanatic who is maybe employed and a
member of a secret vegetable society who are funded by some vegetable
cabal of the world, and we want nothing less than world domination. he even
suggests that al gore might be involved. you know big fat al gore with his steak
and butter face and steer herds. oh brother is all i can say.