Comment: I have had thoughts that people want to separate the US from

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I have had thoughts that people want to separate the US from

its friends. Of all the countries in the world people are screeming about a single dot on the map like that little bitty dot is a blight on the whole world. Maybe, just maybe, there are other entities that are the real blight and they are trying to deflect blame on Israel. I don't know. I am still trying to figure out all the anti Israel stuff.

I hear there are going to be water shortages...shouldn't we be thinking about using salt wather NOW?

I hear there are food shortages. I am not all sure about Monsanto. They are demonized too. I don't like GMO. I don't want to eat corn that kills worms. I don't want pestisides and round up sprayed on the stuff I am going to eat and in the environment in which I live. But sometimes I wonder if Monsanto is demonized because enemies of the US would like to destroy the US.

Granger, I don't know what to think. It is hard to sort thru all the disinformation. And there is evil at work. I saw a post or oomment yesterday that said something about hating the government. I don't hate the government. There is a post on here about firemen being hicks and I see things about police brutality. Sure those things happen and there are big problems with civil Liberties, but to hate the government, and to demonize police, firemen, Israel and companies seems to me like misinformation meant to disrupt the United States and cause us to fall to our enemies...or did I just mention the enemies as being the government, firemen, police, and companies? It is all so confusing.

I don't know. I am thinking out loud. I have seen you a couple of times defending Israel and wanted to ask you more about it, but haven't till now. I have been taught all my life to respect authority, be patriotic and to love Israel.