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You just took a picture of how I think.

Just going to be reiterating some of things you said because you listed a very intimate list of the things I constantly think about, minus the new info you provided (ring of solomon). Thanks for that, btw.

Every since I came across the Dead Sea Scrolls/Book of Enoch (thanks to Above Top Secret), I have been asking, "What else was 'taken out' of the Bible?" or "If Men wrote the Bible and Men make mistakes, is it possible there are a lot of mistakes" or "if language has changed so much over the last 2 millenia, is it possible interpretations have changed the actual message of God/Jesus/Buddha/etc?"

I say yes to all of that. Do I have proof? Nope, but neither do people like PUG or Baptist. They just give me more scripture that describes close to nothing accept what they interpret. Also, if people are reading an "incomplete" version of the Bible, how can they call themselves a true "Christian" or "Catholic," etc.? You can't because you don't have all of the information required! It's like a test: you have to study ALL SUBJECTS to receive an "A."

And a single thought made my stomach drop: the Bible changes every time society changes. If God wrote the Bible (men interpreting what God said, anyway) and God is the perfect being, why does it change? It shouldn't have to if everything we need to know is in the Good Book, right?

Here's a question for you, Deacon: if the Dead Sea Scrolls are found to have any accuracy regarding the story of Jesus/God/etc., WHO determines that those scrolls are valid and truthful? How can they prove what those scrolls say if we can't even prove when, exactly Jesus died (~35AD), for example?

Here's another one: I'm not Catholic, but I think there is some really good information inside the Vatican Vault. I want to know why People of God hide things from human beings if it's our RIGHT to know the truth. Honestly, what do THEY have to hide that is so important? I hope to God, we find out one day.

Gonna add you to my friends list, Deacon. I have to pick your brain some more when I have more time.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.