Comment: Our son got his awakening the other night too

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Our son got his awakening the other night too

At a college party at his friend's house, he got taunted into patting a girl on the rear. Apparently, this was not the first time this event was sprung on freshmen. So, afterward, some guys get in his face for doing so and he stands up to them. (I guess others just cowered to give them power??) It escalates and the cops are called.

Cop enters saying if I got called, someone's getting arrested. The older boys point towards our son first, even though he's beaten up pretty good and they're fine. Cop presses 3rd degree assault on him and cuffs him. No Miranda was read and he was released after a couple hours.

He was told he cannot file charges against them because it was their house. He was told that if he pushes the issue, they will charge him with sexual assault which will be on his record for 10 years. And he was told that if he didn't leave the police station (he kept asking for a supervisor), that he would be arrested again.

Not sure what's going to happen but I'm sick and tired of hearing these stories. This is his second time the law has picked him out of a crowd. First time, he was standing up for a girl's rights.