Comment: ((((((((((bear))))))))) Thank you for the thought filled post

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((((((((((bear))))))))) Thank you for the thought filled post

Exactly, like you, I began wondering out loud here.. I had the same tjhoughts as you, and can not express my thoughts better than you have here. THANK YOU.

I wondered why Ron and Rand said, "Israel is our friend". Why? I had to answer for myself, "Why would Israel be MY friend?"

Ron Paul has been an education. I did not agree with Ron Paul 100% when I came into the rEVOLution. I don't mind the downvotes because many times, I understand the downvoter being 30, 20, 10, 5 years ago and less, I would have agreed with them. What is hard is putting it into words (and this month I was hit pretty hard with the death of my baby brother.. I missed a test I paid to take in January I am so anxious to get my certificate.. my preist is being transfered.. friend is recovering from attempted suicide.. so I have a lot on my plate and I zone out on DP. I'm ok.. it's just a bum time and nothing I can do but pray and heal.. anyways about Israel

So the League of nations establish Israel, a human waste land, a place to deport Jews (mostly for political reasons from communist nations) and Israeli's create this highly advanced technological cosmopolitain state that surpassed the nations that purged these people. That's is rarely discussed.

Israel has POWER because the Israeli's strive to thrive.. not sustain, and those who merely want to sustain, resent and are jealous, so they attack Israel as if Israel has no right to defend itself.. the world establishes a place, dumps people there, those people advance, and the world cries "foul", when they defend themselves or sell their technology to those who apparenty are in the market for what Israel makes?