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haha THERE'S that divisional rivalry

Yep. RG3 had an injured ACL/PCL/Whatever CL it was. But guess what? His coaching staff along with RG3 himself said "he is good to play." They were wrong and should have played Kurt Cousins. Not my teams fault that the Redskins made a personnel mistake.

And the reason why I brag about RW is because he was a 3rd round pick while RG3 and Andrew Luck were 1st rounders! RW was the underdog ALL YEAR while the Seahawks coaching staff got scolded by the national media (Mike & Mike, ESPN were hugely critical of this) for taking Irvin (who was 2nd among Rookies in sacks) and Wilson.

I know this is all trivial since we're talking NFL, but Seattle gets the worst coverage of any other sports teams, minus Cleveland and Canadian teams.

Don't forget: Warner gave you guys a Super Bowl Title and the Seahawks have zero. We are hungry for a title and this year is probably a great opportunity to reach the SB.

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