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The criminals who took over this country understand the problems they face when their victims stop reading from the false script.

I read the topic starter claiming that "you don't get it," and to me it is the topic starter that remains caught in the trap.

Thanks for rescuing this otherwise counterproductive topic.

If I can convey an accurate accounting of how someone may accomplish something by redeeming in lawful money, then you may be able to confirm the fact, or not.

I don't know yet.

As far as I know, so far, the concept of redeeming in lawful money is such that a person of good moral standing is attempting to avoid communicating any permission of any kind to the people who issue Federal Reserve Notes to use those notes as elastic currency.

In other words a person wanting to redeem the federal reserve notes they poses, and they poses without having committed a crime to poses, in other words the person acquires these federal reserve notes equitably, in free trade, and the person does not poses stolen property, so the person owns these federal reserve notes, and the person has the goal of redeeming these pieces of property in lawful money, and the idea is to remove any permission the bank people may claim to be permission, to go ahead and use that which the redeemer possess, as an elastic currency, so called.

I know that may be tough to read, and it may not convey the point well.

In other words, the person seeking to redeem lawful money is seeking to disclaim any fraudulently claimed permission given by that person redeeming that money, concerning the use of that money, that money owned by the person doing the redeeming, as a tool to be used to commit further fraud.

If everyone does it, every person who has any federal reserve notes in their possession, then the criminals running the fraudulent Central Bank would have to figure out another lie to make their victims believe, such as the lie that gold and silver coins are the only forms of money allowed in this country.

Dupes, it seems to me, are found in the mirror.