Comment: Or this one: 300 disabled students were traumatized by

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Or this one: 300 disabled students were traumatized by

a NYC principal staging a "mock" drill, two days after Sandy Hook, that began with a woman shouting over the loudspeaker "Intruder" (some heard "Shooter") and "Get out, get out, lockdown" that sent everyone into a panic. Teachers tried to shield students - 300 students with serious emotional & physical disabilities including cerebral palsy and autism. They only learned it was "just" a drill when the police showed up in response to teachers calling 911. It's SCARY to think that such heartless, mindless individuals count among this country's EDUCATION LEADERSHIP.
~ NYTimes -
~ Petition to NYC's mayor (think maybe his priorities are misguided?)

Here's a petition to NM's governor after a middle-school emergency lockdown where no one knew it was a drill. Children huddling under desks for half an hour made whispered calls. Wondering if they might die, some left parents good-bye messages.

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