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What matters...

What matters here is not the medium used for money, but who controls its supply, and that the creation itself does not impose public debt.

Gold by itself is not an answer to anything because, after all, The Rothschilds and Central Banks own most of the World's Gold anyway, and they also own the paper-certificate schemes which is used to price-fix the entire market (and manipulate the perceived supply or "virtual" supply).

Back in the days when Gold was money, The Banksters were still in charge, and the original "Goldsmiths" (bankers) had invented the whole fraudulent Fractional Reserve lending concept where you have both unredeemable notes, and interest on non-existent money.


So once again Gold solves nothing.

This is all about whether:
1. A profiteering scheme is in control of the world's money, or
2. A transparent public scheme is in control of the money.

The first will always produce corruption.