Comment: I used to defend Israel (I've already written this out many

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I used to defend Israel (I've already written this out many

times), but at that time I couldn't separate Israel from Judaism, and now I can--

I don't defend America anymore either, because so many government agencies and so many lawmakers are so 'out of control'.

I am saddened to see what has become of the country my ancestors founded--

some of them. Or helped to found it; I don't have any ancestors who were wealthy enough to be 'founding fathers', but I had some who fought in the Revolutionary war--

as far as Israel goes, I know too many Jews who aren't happy with how the Palestinians have been treated--

and there are Jews who don't think the country is headed in a good direction.

As for loving any country but my own, I do love a country I lived in for several years that has nothing to do with America or Israel--

but I wouldn't be happy if they did anything violent either--

I won't defend violence. I really want to 'side' with people who are Godly--

and many Godly Jews are not happy with Israel.

The bottom line is which authority do *we* honor? For me the only authority worth respecting is God's authority, and I try to treat others with respect to please Him. I don't respect the authority of any man/woman. But the laws of God demand that I treat others as I would have them treat me.

As for Monsanto, it isn't even an American company--

it's a global giant--

so if a person is unhappy with Monsanto, they are not attacking America--

I try not to 'hate', but I am very unhappy with what I consider the rogue element in the American government.

And I think the rogue element has overpowered the constitution-respecting aspects of the American government/American population--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--