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Poignant movie... of my top-ten favorites. I just love the editing and flow of the visuals as it jumps around to different times and memories.

If I truly believed that NOTHING lasts, in a final sense, I think I might despair at that ultimately nihilistic outlook. But being convinced that Person and Love are eternal, although the grass withers and the flowers fade in this chapter of our existence, I am at peace knowing the next phase will see things in the bloom of restoration, beyond our wildest dreams. The joyful spring of 'Jupiter' will triumph over the dark, cold winter of death under 'Saturn'. It's like CS Lewis's Saturnian book within the Narnian chronicles, 'The Last Battle': what looks like utter despair and death becomes renewed joy as the characters step through death's doorway. And as they gaze on the splendor of the New Narnia, outstretching to the mountainous horizon, the cry goes out 'Further in; and further up!'