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My take, FWIW

Spanking is fine for little kids, when it's about teaching against home or outdoors threats and the kids' recklessness. I'm talking about serious dangers for them, of course.

Also, against unacceptable disrespect for adults or other kids, or pets. And wrong behaviors/cruelty. Little kids test us more or less often/regularly in their early age, and it's normal I think. Some are just easier than others, as individuals.

I find slapping in the face way too much and unnecessary too violent, IMO. I've never had to go that far.

Also, past 10 year old of age, if you're not able to educate the kids without physical contact but only language and using their intelligence and natural love, something is probably going wrong already.

Finally, I think the kids gender shouldn't matter about applying this.

My .02.

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