Comment: Another Small Penis with a Badge....

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Another Small Penis with a Badge....

They should at least require that every police officer have at least an average-size penis before issuing them a badge and gun.

Otherwise, this will be the result.

The cop could have simply asked professionally,"Excuse me,sir. I can't tell if that is an alcoholic beverage or not. Would you mind if I confirm that it isn't?"

The cop came at him all accusatory and then talk to him like he was a child.

If it had been a beer or liquor drink, he would have smelled it.

Little dick tells him to leave the property instead.

I'm all for obeying a police officer's instructions but it requires they act like they deserve the honor and respect by acting like a professional. If they can't, then they should find another job.

Cops are human too. Yes, and so are the people they mistreat.