Comment: Grainger, you and Ira continue

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Grainger, you and Ira continue

to argue about main stream deceivery on the account of Israel. You both need to learn the Truth about Israel and its creation. Here, is a book written by Jack Berstein who believe he was emigrating from the US to the promise land for the Jews, and boy did he get a grand awakening.
This was written in 1985, before their were prison walls built to herd the 'goy' into their corrals, restrict their food, care, and ability to move about if they don't mind their masters. They are even beginning to herd the Ethiopian Jews, who carry the real blood of the Israelites through Solomon, into corrals they call refugee camps. Do I agree with what our government did with the Native Indians, absolutely not, but that was hundreds of years ago. This apartheid is occuring now, and the Palestinians like the Indians of past are revolting by any means they can to a superior force that is greatly supported by out elected officials and debt placed on the American people. I believe in the self preservation priciple spoken to the prophets by the Almighty God, they need to be left 'to reap what they sew'. Also, using Jonathan Pollard as an example of the extremely under reported hundreds of examples, much of their technology is stolen from our inovations here in America.