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Comment: Hmmmm... Is this story drifting?

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Hmmmm... Is this story drifting?

I swear the first account I saw said they were with the Sheriff's department... maybe it said "working with" or something.
Even if it was staff...
"How do they get EVERYONE in on the secret?"
Like this:
Two gunmen burst into a teachers meeting in a tiny Oregon town on Friday. Wearing hoodies and firing handguns, they burst into the room. Mrs. Gover, a teacher there, quickly grabbed her pistol and returned fire, killing the closest gunman but missing the second gunman as he fled.
The entire Hell's Canyon National Recreation Area is CLOSED to all recreational use, residents within the boundaries are asked to shelter in place and advise law enforcement immediately if you see anyone in the area. If you see anyone DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE CONTACT WITH THE SUSPECT, he is armed and extremely dangerous.
County, State and Federal officials will be conducting house to house searches, with Forest Service and BLM personnel will be combing the wilderness by air, horseback and ATV.
UPDATE: Police have identified the dead gunman as Joe Bloh, a disgruntled staffer at the small school. Staff were stunned, many knew he was upset about the wage freeze but had no inkling that he was capable of such a cold blooded attack.
Cammie DeCastro, principal of the Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, Ore., says Mrs. Gover had her weapon on her in violation of school policy, and Sheriff's official state there will be an investigation. For now, everyone is thankful that none of the staff were injured.
Law enforcement official continue to comb the area in search of the second gunman.
The alternative media stories begin - crazy conspiracy theorists under every rock. Some claim this was a drill "gone live." Right. In a town that small everybody knows everything. You can't have school staff plan a "drill" - especially one where someone might shoot them. Did you see the youtube from the guy who swears he knows the dead guy, and he was NOT pissed off at the school about the money, he was pissed off at the government. Seems like he'd have gone and shot the government then, huh?
The second shooter has been identified as Tom Dickenharry. Police are not revealing the exact nature of the evidence, but a spokesman stated that documents found on the dead gunman leave no doubt who his accomplice is. If you have any information about the whereabouts of this man, or anything that would aid the investigation, contact authorities at 1-800-HELHUNT.
(Lace it with videos of his distraught wife, begging him to turn himself in... Students who played baseball with him just last week...)
Due to the extremely rugged terrain and wide open wilderness open for him to evade justice, the police called in the drones and the gunman has been located and the threat is neutralized. Law enforcement wants to thank everyone for their assistance in this near-tragedy, and want to assure the citizens that they are always there to protect them from these kind of madmen.
How many people really need to KNOW it is a cover for a live event?

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