Comment: Incredibly unlikely.

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Incredibly unlikely.

I try not to slam doors on the future, but I went in once, all in. What I found convinced me politics is not a path to liberty, justice, truth, peace... anything that I want to work toward.
At the end of the day, I DO want to be Queen, but just of me.
I know much of what I have seen is "crazy theory" to those who have not seen it, but I have seen what I have seen.
The thread was a poorly titled one, I want people to work on "agree to disagree." It helps in all aspects of living, loving, liberating... but it is the very crux of why "the liberty movement" is strong and weak. Most of us are rock solid on our principles, and how do we demand politicians be rock solid on principles and yet refuse to compromise on OUR principles enough to support people with BIG differences on "hot issues."
It turned out the lesson was for me. The number of people who said "Yeah, I'd vote for you" after I said all the "wrong" things for a candidate stunned me. Indeed, it made me open a door I thought I had slammed on the future...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.