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You obviously haven't been to a college party

in a very long time. The environment is nothing close to what you or I would consider politically correct... from either gender. The weekend I go to my other son's frat with other fathers, there are girls there with every agenda in the book and openly acting as such. I'm not going so far as to say I condone his actions because in my day, things were different but I'm certainly not going to sit idly by and let his future get ruined by a long standing college prank gone awry.

"yes, it was assault if he ..." Give me a break. Offensive, maybe. Rude, certainly, but assault? I'm guessing you would claim your student was sexually harrassed if a 1st grader kissed her on the cheek. Can't stand this thin-skinned crap these days. Pathetic.

So nice that you dismissively gave the cops a free pass too... just so you can call me a cop basher. Perhaps I should list the 8 professors who are writing documents to the mayor about similar abuse from this same cop over recent years? Or the character witness documents that nearly every other person at the party INCLUDING THE OFFENDED GIRL have already written on our son's behalf. Oh, but if I had listed that, I'd surely be in denial and protectionist. Claiming missing details discounts my relaying all the relevant info and basically calls me a protectionist liar. Sad.