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...I think you're underrating the importance of fiction in culture and society in general. Of course, I do disagree with you about whether the fundamentals of my faith are based on fiction; but even if they were, fiction does not necessarily equate to falsehood. Fiction can actually be a powerful vehicle for illustrating philosophical truths which uphold and nourish Liberty.

Christ Himself used the parable as a means of relaying deeper truths, which weren't dependent on whether the characters in the stories were fictional or real. I do think it matters whether the Gospel itself is real -- don't get me wrong -- but as far as pooh-poohing something fictional in terms of power and value for speaking truth, that is something I have to disagree with.

Fiction can present very real truths. Sometimes the best fiction is that which transports us out of everyday settings, allowing us to enter another world, where the trappings of this world are less likely to obscure or color the presentation of such truths.