Comment: Do forgive me for using my

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Do forgive me for using my

Do forgive me for using my critical faculties.

I had no idea your word was divine -- regarding information gleaned at second-hand, no less! Would that I had known your story was all-encompassing as it pertains to your "relaying all the relevant info," as clearly you and you alone are fit to judge, why I would rightfully have taken your second-hand account as gospel from the start.

I'll not ask for "irrelevant" details from your infallible anecdotes again.

(end sarcasm)

On the other hand, your charges that I "dismissively gave the cops a free pass" are patently false. Find the words indicating I've done so please.

Your words are those of a protective, apologetic parent. While "thin-skinned crap" to you, others call unwelcome physical touching of a sexual nature assault. That the "offended" girl wrote on your son's behalf changes nothing about that, but rather speaks to her own tolerance of inappropriate behavior, specifically on the part of your son.

To illustrate, had it been someone much older and whom the "offended" girl had not recognized, she might not write the same letter. The offensive behavior is no different; only her tolerance of it, dependent upon the offender.

If there is more to the story, it only reinforces my position that details matter; and condemns your claim that you had provided "all the relevant info."