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Comment: Sad to think that that's the case,

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Sad to think that that's the case,

but that would explain it. :(

One thing did make me smile, sort of - when the friend was told to leave, which he did but filming & talking the whole time: "I COULD TALK, mf! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!" I was reminded of clips I watched during the campaign, RP-supporting blacks who'd awakened to the fact that neither of the two parties was standing up for our rights. :)

P.S. I was relieved that the cop didn't take the iced tea. It was proof he didn't even suspect it was alcohol (or he'd have taken it as potential evidence). Plus I was afraid he might slip something into it.

P.P.S. Boy, does this make FAYATTEVILLE, ALAMABA look bad. Well, the court date is JUNE 6. Info is posted below the clip. I hope all concerned will know that over a MILLION people around the country will have seen the video (over 900 thousand now with a month to go) and will be awaiting the outcome.

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